Wisdom from a four year old

With about twenty different colored hair clips and bobby pins in my hair, I look at my four year old stylist in exhaustion and ask “How do I look?” To which she gives a deep sigh and says…..”Beautiful.”

I don’t know why the Lord allowed me to experience this special little girl for a summer, but I can truly say it was a gift at a time I needed it.

I found myself in a situation where I needed a summer job this year and grudgingly took a nanny job that felt “quite underneath my college teaching degree.” To my pleasant surprise it allowed me to meet and spend time with two sweet girls and may I humbly add, helped me to process through some deeper things.

The younger of the two was four at the time and is 150% girl. She loves all things pink and sparkly. We spent many hours in the pool that summer where we often played dolphins or went to dances where we twirled to our heart’s content. I spent many hours at her hair salon where she ever so carefully brushed and styled my hair. We sang countless Disney songs in my car, at the park, at home and were constantly going on some sort of adventure.

But there was one common thread through it all….princess. She adored being a princess and unselfishly wanted everyone else to be a princess too. I can’t tell you how sweet it was to watch her twirl and believe she truly was a princess and how amazing it felt to be crowned with beautiful tiaras (pool rings), and sprinkled with magical fairy dust myself. God reminded me this summer of what every little girl (and may I be so bold as to say every adult girl) wants to be….a princess. It doesn’t have to be exactly how she pictured it with rainbows and sparkles, but the heart of every woman I believe is to be a princess.

We constantly ask the question (although not audibly) “am I lovely?” We want to be worth something, we want to have an identity that means something. And we want to be a princess. The beautiful thing about my four year old friend is that she believed she was….and as a result, acted it out in her life. Her innocence was so sweet to see and I found myself coveting her freedom and unwavering belief. I wished I was four years old again where the only worry I had was is my sister mad at me or am I going to have to choke down lima beans for dinner?

Here’s a challenging thought…could I, even with all my experiences and knowledge of how hard and painful life can be, still have the same heart as my four year old friend? Could I truly believe that because of my identity in Jesus Christ, I am a princess who can be free from the worries of this life? Perhaps not free of the pain it sometimes brings, but truly rest in being able to walk through life as a princess? And if I could do that…..what would it look like?

I am still in process, but asking God to give me a heart like my four year old friend. To trust Him and truly believe I am His princess. I suppose I’m not too educated to learn from a four year old. : )

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