Eucharisteo. Grace. Thanksgiving. Joy.

1. Warm showers after long days.
2. People playing with my hair.
3. My beautiful and healthy nephew.
4. Snow dusting tall trees.
5. Sweet mixed with coffee and good conversation.
6. One stoplight towns where everyone knows each other.
7. Hallmark Christmas movies.
8. Minty freshness after teeth are brushed.
9. Hard laughing in the High Point teacher’s lounge.
10. Birthdays.
11. Listener friends.
12. Soap smells on clean hands.
13. Feeling surprised when people laugh and I wasn’t trying to be funny.
14. Softness of new sweatshirts or sweatpants.
15. Peppermint mochas any time of year.
16. Two strong legs and arms to carry my groceries.
17. Nighttime when it snows and the world looks light because of all the whiteness.
18. Going to bed without setting an alarm.
19. Waking up and feeling rested.
20. Friends smiling because they’re truly happy.
21. Two eyes to take in life.
22. Being invited to dinner.
23. Warm boots that keep my feet dry in the cold and wet.
24. Waking up to sunshine.
25. The smell of fresh coffee.
26. Hearing someone call my car cool.
27. Heavy blankets.
28. Happy siblings.
29. Workouts getting easier.
30. Feeling beautiful.
31. Read aloud time at school where students hang on your every word.
32. Newness of clothes.
33. Being brave.
34. Empty email boxes.
33. Finished to do lists.
34. Solved math problems.
35. The feeling when giving things away; especially knowing someone will be excited and blessed by them.
36. When God plays for a song on the radio cause I prayed for it.
37. Perfectly blue skies with puffs of white clouds.
38. Getting lost because I’m singing so loud I don’t hear my gps.

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