The Beauty and Ugly of Choice


I’ve been mulling this word over in my brain the past few months. It’s such a loaded word to unpack. And I feel like recently I’ve learned some things about the beauty and the ugly, the good and the bad of this idea of choice.

Throughout our day we make thousands of choices, some without even thinking: what to wear, what to eat, how to spend our time. Sometimes choices can be difficult, and others are no brainers. Choice demonstrates who we are in our preferences. It models our likes and dislikes. But what about the deeper things of choice?

With choice comes the ugly of rejection, or not being chosen. I think that the ugly of choice is what makes the beauty of choice. Because we are allowed to make choices, when we are not what’s chosen, it can be extremely hurtful. Ask anyone who, like me, grew up being one of the last ones picked for anything having to do with sports. School is a prime example of how some people face rejection over and over when they are not chosen.

But…isn’t the whole idea that if you ARE chosen there’s value and excitement in that? If we didn’t have the reality of rejection, would it really make being chosen all that beautiful? Isn’t the beauty of choice a direct result of the fact that there was a choice to begin with? And that it could have been a rejection? It’s an interesting thought. Is being valued and chosen worth the rejection that sometimes precedes or follows it? Hmmmmm.

I suppose lately I’ve been chewing on this idea that God CHOSE me. He chose to adopt me into His family. And He did it, not because of anything I did, but simply because He loves me. In life I will face rejection in so many different ways…but one of the ways to rest on the solid rock of Christ is to call to mind over and over again that I am chosen by God. And that’s beautiful.

Ephesians 1:3-5

“…even as He chose us…”

Romans 5:8

“…while we were still sinners…”

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