just me.


I like being me.

I bite my nails. I like to slurp the whipped cream off my coffee before I drink it cause I love the way it tastes. Some days it feels good to throw all my clothes on the floor. When I blow my nose it is very distinctive…so much that people have recognized I’m in a public bathroom stall. 🙂 Sometimes I like taking selfies even though it’s socially unacceptable by many peoples’ standards. I feel really proud of myself when I do brave things like cut my bangs and like to tell everyone about it. Sometimes I say things without thinking, sometimes I say things after too much thinking.

I am a kitchen tool snob. I order the same things when I go to restaurants. I am addicted to Chapstick and sensitive hand lotion. White milk is my favorite drink in the world, but I have to eat something with it.

So many things that make me me. And I am happy with them.

Embracing me.

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