The Cross Changes Everything


Happy Easter!!!

As lent comes to a close and we finish the memorial of resurrection Sunday, I am thinking through Easter and everything it stands for. I am thankful for a God who gives us memorials to help us experience Him and call to mind the great things He has done.

Giving up Facebook and Instagram proved to be fairly simple for about the first month. I’m the kind of person that when I put my mind to something I’m pretty determined to follow through. It was honestly nice to be free from those social medias and sort of “unplug” for 40 days. It was freeing to not feel the draw of comparison or dissatisfaction I can feel from watching everyone else’s “exciting lives” according to pictures and statuses. I may have to consider “unplugging” as a regular practice.

The second month proved to be a bit more challenging as we have become so accustomed to communicating events through social media that I struggled to feel like I was missing out on things or that I couldn’t get the word out about my events and so no one would come. It was definitely a great practice in giving up control, knowing that it would be ok even if I did miss something. (Thank you to my awesome friends who kept me in the loop!!)

As I process, I am especially challenged by the event Secret Church that I had the privilege to attend this Good Friday where we heard a fire hydrant of information from David Platt. My heart was washed by the truth of the gospel once again. How a perfectly Holy God is also a perfectly loving God and how and why the cross of Christ changes everything. Everything in my life as well as everything in history. All of time had been leading up to that moment. And all of the future is changed because of it. Everything my faith rests on is found in the cross of Christ. Here are some questions from David Platt that get my wheels turning….

How can a just God save rebellious sinners who are due His wrath?
How can God express His holiness without consuming us in our sin?
How can God express His love without condoning us in our sin?
How can God judge sin and justify the sinner at the same time?
How can God satisfy His character and save our souls at the same time?

Good questions indeed.

The answer? The cross.

It changes everything.

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