Holy Spirit’s Got My Back


On holidays for school I have nothing “holiday” planned for morning work. I am at the copier and someone has left a cute worksheet that works perfectly for what I need.

Pink eye. (Had it like 3 times this year…ugh) One day pulled drops out of my purse, put them in my eyes, put them back in my purse only to notice another bottle of EAR DROPS that was also in my purse. That could have been so bad…

I wake up earlier than my alarm that is set too late because I have a meeting before school that day and I make it just in time.

Public restroom today…about to do the business and something in my Spirit says….check the toilet paper Linds….all out. Switch stalls. Crisis averted.

So many more situations in my every day.


I don’t think so.

I think God shows His love in the little things.

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