Beautiful Rescue


The following story takes place in a matter of 30 seconds.

I’m driving down the road today…perhaps a little over the speed limit…I may have been running late to small group…and I see the most peculiar sight.

There were several things that didn’t fit. I saw a teenage boy who appeared to have no legs in the street gutter. There was an old man and an old woman with snow white hair looking down at him. As I approached them, my mind ran wildly trying to find a place in my brain for this kind of situation. What in the world is going on??

As I roll closer I discover the teenager does indeed have legs but is just standing in the sewer…which I immediately think to myself….disgusting!! I am extremely close at this point and am rudely staring as I drive by, but they seem not to notice. They seem very intent on some sort of mission. I can see a look in their faces…I try to place it. Worry? Anxiety? Sneaky? Why does this all seem strange so much that it feels sketchy to me?

The teenager is scooping handfuls of something out of the sewer and handing it to the old couple. Whatever they are handing off is in some sort of cloth, or paper towel so I can’t see what it is. Now I see another teenager who has abandoned his bike and is running back and forth across the street taking the handfuls from the older couple and placing them in the grass.

I’ve made it past this strange sight but can’t help but continue to curiously stare in my rear view mirror; making last attempts to understand what’s going on.

Finally I see.

The teenager running across the street sets the scoop down and it begins to run…after it’s mother….a duck.

A smile spreads across my face as I continue to watch in my rear view mirror as this scene continues to play out behind me. One teenager in the gutter pulls baby duck out, hands it to the older couple, who hands it to the second teenager, who runs it across the street to its mother. All the while protected in a towel from the human toxins. One after another, each baby duck is rescued.


These teenagers looked like they could be high school students and I would have classified them, based solely on their looks, as what I like to call “suburban hoodlums.” Meaning they ride their bikes all around Gahanna causing as much ruckus as can be caused by suburban kids. This elderly couple and the suburban hoodlums would probably never cross paths without some sort of common goal. But it seemed for a moment, that everything was set aside for a greater purpose. A rescue. To reunite babies to their beloved mother.

I can only imagine what happened to have those babies fall into the sewer. (Maybe a competition of brotherly bravery??) And I can only imagine what that mother duck probably thought at the sight of her precious children trapped under the world as she knows it.

And the beauty? All if it working together for the good of everyone involved.

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