Blowing a Cable Man’s Mind

Best Buy. May 12. Approximately 4:17pm.

Me: Looking intently at the headphone options.
Cable Man: Wearing a shirt with an obnoxious Direct TV label. Hi. Anything I can help you with?
Me: Not now, I’m just looking. Thanks!
Cable: Well they make me ask all customers this…but what cable company do you have?
Me: Ha. I know where this is going…Actually, I don’t have cable! Feeling relieved that’s all he’s asking.
Cable Man: Oh, I get it, you’re more a Hulu and Netflix kinda girl!
Me: No…I actually just don’t watch TV.
Cable Man: Confused. So……do you like to read a lot?
Me: Eh…some.
Cable Man: Notably concerned. So…what do you do???
Me: Searching for a simple answer to a hectic life…Ummm…well…I’m just really busy, I’m involved in a lot of things. Why is this so confusing to you??
Cable Man: Like…you like to be outside?
Me: Relieved. Yes!!
Cable Man: Ok…I was worried you were sleeping all day or something.
Me: Haha. Nope.
Cable Man: Well have a nice day.
Me: Thanks you too! I think I just blew his mind. Ha. At least it was easy to turn down what he was selling!

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