Flushing water. Sludge. Foul air. Just a few of the commonly used words at the water treatment plant where our fifth graders visited last week. It brought a smile to my face as my students realized this was indeed a field trip with many bathroom innuendos, and bad smells were not only acceptable, but expected! We wove through the pipes and tunnels, watched water rush, sand settle, all the while trying to breath through our mouths and not our noses.

This experience, while perfect for fifth graders who think bodily functions are hilarious, also brought to mind a spiritual metaphor.

Waste. The whole purpose of this water treatment plant was to clean the waste and sludge from the water and make it pure. The process is longer than I would have imagined and each station had a very specific purpose in the treatment progress. Some stations were slow while gravity did its thing and let particles settle. Other stations were pulling huge chunks of things that should never have been flushed down the toilet. Still other stations had thousands of gallons of water surging through different pipes.

I couldn’t help but think about life and all the sludge of sin we are born with or dare I say choose to roll around in. How my life, as hard as I try to be perfect, is filled with failure and selfishness…muck and mire.

When I chose to follow Jesus and received His salvation that process of sanctification began. Sanctification…being made Holy. Holy…set apart. Praise God that when He looks at me He sees the Holy Jesus Christ and that is why I can have a relationship with Him. But on this earth I will still struggle with sin as I go through the process just like the water treatment plant. Process, process, process. I’m learning everything is about process. Sometimes the process is slow and deliberate, other times it rushes forward and I wish I could slow down and take a breath for a minute.

I rest in knowing that God is in control and knows the process well. He is working all things together for my good. And I have received Jesus’ righteousness so that I can walk in freedom through the process.

Looking for God in the little things.

“But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves of God, the fruit you get leads to sanctification and its end, eternal life.”
(Romans 6:22 ESV)

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