5K Thoughts


Mile 1
Here we go.
It’s a really nice day for this.
I can’t believe the weather’s this nice.
Maybe I should talk to the runner next to me…
…nah….it will take energy away that I’ll need.
It’s such a beautiful trail were running.
Is this pace faster than normal?
I wonder how far I’ve gone.
Oh boy….don’t start that already.
This is good.
Feelin good.

Mile 2
Hmmm…this is getting hard.
I’m not even halfway through the race.
I will be so excited when I see the first runners coming back toward me.
What if I miss them cause they’re so far ahead??
Ok this pace is definitely faster than I trained.
I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to finish this.
I’m already so tired and my body hurts.
I have another whole mile to go…
I dunno about this…
It would be embarrassing to stop now.
I will not be a walker!!
I’m runnin this whole thing…even if it kills me.

Mile 3
This is stupid.
I hate this.
Why did I sign up for this??
This is the last 5k I’m ever doing!
That’s what I said last time…but this time I mean it!!
This hurts.
This isn’t fun!
Stupid, stupid idea.
I’m gonna die.
That’s it.
This is how I’m gonna die.

Last 500 Feet
I hear cheering.
Oh my word…I may not die before the finish line.
Ok…I can do this….I can do this….
Last stretch….time to sprint.
That’s my name!
Cheering is so helpful.
I did it!!

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