Things you see in an airport


-old lady with rolling cat carpet bag
-young lady wearing a UK jump suit
-angry people
-uptight people
-people sleeping in all sorts of positions
-couples in love ❤️
-every outlet occupied
-overpriced smoothies
-brown open toed sandal with real socks (who told her that was ok??)
-moms and kids running frantically
-elderly slowly moving
-very serious businessmen
-kids picking noses
-phones, phones, phones
-selfies being taken
-sorority girls camping on the floor
-sports teams hustling
-headphones in ears
-young men jogging
-meals being eaten solo
-accents being spoken
-flowery bags
-sporty bags
-overpriced smoothies
-serious backpackers
-people thinking
-big windows
-over. priced. smoothies.
-confused people
-confident frequent fliers
-world travelers

Traveling. Soak it all in.

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