Moms are Champions


Seriously. I’ve had the privilege of spending time with my sister and her family the past couple weeks as well as had the unique opportunity over the past several years to spend time in other mom’s homes watching the daily grind.

And that is the conclusion I’ve come to: Mom’s are champions.

I mean, I came to this conclusion when I spent a year as a maternity substitute and heard more birthing stories in one year than I ever needed to in my lifetime. But the excruciating pain in the birthing process is only the beginning. Unless you are a mom I don’t think we quite get what it takes to spend your life for one….or more little ones.

Your time is never your own. My nephew is about 7 months old and for not actually talking and just rolling around…he is quite a handful. By the time you feed him, change him, play with him, get him down for a nap, feed him, change him, play with him….it’s 4:00 and time to start thinking about dinner!

Not to mention all the other things that fit in that time frame like laundry, showering, dishes…. And dusting? Checking email?? Are you crazy??

And it’s not like you can just put him in a crib and he can entertain himself. Even for only being half a year old he needs attention! Playing with him is not an option….it’s a necessity!! And he lets you hear it if he’s not happy. And you can’t just explain to a baby why he needs to play by himself for awhile so Mommy can throw a load of laundry in so people don’t start complaining that the family is smelling…

And this is all if everything goes according to “the plan.” Which never really happens like it’s “supposed to” when you’re a mom.

Then there are things to think about like discipline, figuring out what the baby wants when he’s crying, making sure he doesn’t flip himself out of his chair while you are doing the dishes…ehem….picture at the top.

But moms do all this and more. And they do it with grace. Tonight I watched as my sister got home from her dance rehearsal and was all smiles and hugs for my nephew who was so excited to see her. And she said it’s all worth it for the hugs and kisses he gives.

So what have I learned from all this?

1. I am very glad I don’t have kids yet. Someday, but not yet. I’m too selfish. Although I think I’ll always be too selfish for kids which is why I’m counting on the mom superpowers I keep assuring my roommate come when you have kids.

2. I’m very thankful for my mom who stayed home to take care of me while I was growing up. AND says it was the best job in the world. Thanks Mom!

3. Moms are champions. Don’t you ever let someone tell you you’re not! Thank you to ALL MOMS!! Your work does not go unnoticed.


This face?? How could I do anything wrong?? 😉


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