The Year of Bravery!!



Every so often I have seasons of my life that I give names to. It could be “the summer of rest and restoration,” or “the year from hell.” Last summer I did something a little different and started brainstorming a list of possible names for the year to come….

The year of freedom.
The year of hope.
The year of beauty.
The year of independence.
The year of “coulds.”
The year of me and Jesus. (Whoa corny!!)
The year Jesus’ power was made perfect in weakness.
The year of creativity.
The year I did.

But what I decided on was this: The year of bravery.

What started out as a goal of “being trendy” this year actually was an outpouring of what I desired God to heal me from. I used to be so afraid of what people thought of me, that I let it control me. All my actions, reactions, and choices were dominated by what I wanted people to think about me. And I was desperately afraid that if people knew the real me, they would just leave, or I would be less important to them. Because I was so controlled by worry and fear, I didn’t take risks or do what I wanted because I was held back by fear.

It also came out in what I wore. I would see something that was maybe “fashionably edgy” and think to myself….I could never wear that! And while some have told me, Lindsey, you always dress cute, yes (and thank you)…but I didn’t dress bravely!!

And this began the goal of being trendy this year. 😊 It started with a pair of shoes…pictured at the top. And grew from there. I would see something that in my definition might be outrageous and think…I love that….but I could never wear that! So I would pick it up, march myself to the dressing room, and try it on. Say to myself….I am brave. I can totally wear this!


I have seen over the past year as He has broken off chain after chain in this area of my life. And enjoying and embracing fashion is just one outlet I’ve found.

A podcast I found especially helpful was from my homegirl Beth Moore. She mentions the story of Joshua in the Bible and says “If Joshua hadn’t been afraid, why would God have said over and over again ‘Be strong and courageous.'” Ha. I love that leaders in the Bible were afraid. And they chose to press past their fear because God was with them. Here are some other thoughts I scribbled down in my journal from July 28th when I first watched her podcast…

We may protect ourselves so much that we miss out on what God wants to do through us.
I am afraid….but I did. Not, I am afraid…so I didn’t.
I have to choose to obey God over my fear every time.
Would our fear of missing God exceed our fear of doing anything God tells us to do.
Are you projecting an old fear on a new day?
We have to be able to get out there and be willing to look weak or foolish in order to learn! On the job training.
Do not be paralyzed by past fear! Again. Get back up and go at it again. Refuse to quit doing what God has put before you.
We have an AGAIN God.

God says “I will not fail YOU!!”

So here’s a toast to a year! A year of freedom. A year of agains. A year of new choices.

A year of bravery. ❤️

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