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First Days

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First Day of Teaching 1st Year Thoughts

  • I’m SO nervous!!  Eeeek!!
  • How did I get to be old enough to be a teacher instead of a student??
  • I have no idea what I’m doing
  • I hope they like me!
  • Breathe…just keep breathing…
  • I hope I’m ready
  • These students look so big!  Some of them are almost as tall as me!
  • Wow….you did not need to tell me I look like one of the students
  • I hope they think I’m funny
  • Oh shoot…I have to pee….I didn’t plan this!
  • I feel weird asking questions to my coworkers…they feel like strangers.
  • What am I gonna teach them tomorrow??
  • I don’t even remember this stuff!  I’m gonna have to reteach myself!
  • I love my kids.  I can’t wait to know them better.

First Day of Teaching 5th Year Thoughts

  • I’m feeling a few butterflies…I wonder if those will ever go away on the first day.
  • How did I get to be old enough to be a fifth year teacher??
  • What was it I did last year on the first day??
  • I’m ready for a new and fresh year
  • I think they like me too much….need to bring out the strict teacher in me.
  • They look so little compared to end of the year fifth graders!!
  • Wow.  I’m still getting told I look like a student.  Why yes I am old enough to be teaching your child.
  • This class doesn’t get my humor yet….but they will.  ; )
  • Bladder empty…check.
  • I’m so happy to be back with my coworkers…they are my family.
  • Remember my first year when I was so nervous?  Ha.  I feel so much more confident and ready.
  • How will I make tomorrow’s lesson better than last year?
  • Oh yes…I relearned this last year…now I can focus on the best way to teach it.
  • I love my kids.  I can’t wait to know them better.