7-Coming January 2015

As I mentioned in my last post, this coming year I will embark on my own journey of a “7” version fast. I feel that I have a responsibility to respond to the challenge that comes with having my eyes opened to reality. The weight of my abundance and irresponsibility when it comes to living frivolously presses on my inner being.

My heart also desperately wants more of Jesus, for He is my life. And I desire to know Him and His way of living more and more. I believe a fast of this kind will prepare room for Him to move in and through me as well as discipline my mind to focus on Him in a moment by moment way.

As I was reading the book I sensed God speaking to me about specific areas to reduce and challenge my comfortable life. I accept those challenges and anticipate a movement that is unlike anything I’ve experienced before.

If a girl’s gonna do something this crazy, she’s gonna need her support people! So much like Jen Hatmaker, meet my council:

Angie-kindergarten teacher, mission minded friend who will be getting married this summer and moving to Costa Rica to be a missionary. Talk about crazy sacrifice! She has lots of personality, a merciful heart and is not afraid to speak her mind.

Tracie-dietician, has championed a gluten free AND vegetarian diet over the past several years, very thoughtful and selfless friend who actually introduced me to 7.

Lindsay-my young hip mom friend who has wisdom beyond her years. She’s an avid reader and challenges me in so many ways. She is constantly reminding me with the way she lives her life that we have so much to be thankful for and we serve a good God.

Erin-a new mom with a tender heart who shows love by feeding and being with people. I couldn’t imagine this journey without her as she has walked with me and been accountability in life for 3 and a half years now.

Each of these women are crafting their own fasts coming in 2015 as well. Maybe we can hear some of their thoughts along the way!

And now for the months…

7 foods. This may be the craziest thing I’ve ever taken on. Council member and dietician Tracie (who is also taking on this month’s 7 foods challenge) has approved and assured me in eating only the following foods for a month, I will not die…
Brown rice
Green beans

As far as drinks-water and milk.
Cooking/seasoning-salt, pepper, oil or butter in moderation.

I’m already thinking about what I will eat December 31 which I’m affectionately calling The Last Supper.

I really loves clothes. A lot. I also love when people notice what I wear if I’ve taken the time to be creative in putting something together. It’s like creating a masterpiece each day. Now I’m hoping everyone will forget all about what I’m wearing and notice nothing for a month. Ha.

I will wear one dress for a month. With seven “articles” to go with it. Two pair of shoes and two pair of tights each count as one. Exceptions include gym clothes when going to the gym. Maybe that will be the motivation I need to get there! 😉

Month 3 will consist of a music fast. With an intentional focus on replacing time I spend listening to music with prayer. I already know a silent car will be tough. Obviously worship music at church is still ok, as well as going places where music is played in the background. But pandora, the radio, and intentionally playing music are out.

Get rid of 7 things every day. I do not want to hold on to things of this world. I do not want to live a cluttered life. The discipline of purging stuff will be practiced this month with intentionally looking for people in need of my “stuff” who could be blessed by it.

Ok people. This one terrifies me. But I will be biking to work for a month. I’m only probably a mile away from work, but in the morning it will be uphill the entire way. Yuck. Because I’m terrified of oversleeping, an exception would be catching a ride with my roommate in case of an emergency. I’m already feeling tired thinking about this month…

The month right after an exhausting year of school makes rest a very appropriate focus for this month. I will plan each week to have one day where I do not leave the house. (Unless it’s a week when I’m doing a workshop for work or something. Then I will come home right after work and stay home the rest of the evening.) I’m a go go go person and have recently been reminded of how healthy it is to slow down.

This is my green month. It’s still in the early developmental stages but the purpose is to look for intentional ways to “go green.” Some ideas I have are: continue with my bike when I can, recycle, grow my own herbs instead of buying them, possibly buy all produce from a local farmers market.

Phew. What a journey this will be. I’m excited. I’m terrified. But coming 2015…my own version of 7 will commence.

Our church learned a new song this Christmas season by Sovereign Grace called “Prepare Him Room.” (Click for song) I feel like it fits well going into this fasting season. I want to prepare room in my heart for the Lord to move.

Lord, have Your way in me.

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