Monthly Archives: January 2015

7 Amendment!!!


Day 1 and I panicked. I discovered that as wonderful as I think guacamole is, however good a dish mixed with avocado is, and however much my mind wants to love avocado, I don’t like it plain. Hate it in fact. And whether my queasiness that day was due to the chocolate withdrawal or eating plain avocado, I will never know. But I panicked.

“I can only eat 7 foods and found out I don’t like one of them???” ($#!&)

I texted the council to let them know of my recent discovery, honestly not going to ask to switch foods,no just had to tell them so I could wallow in self pity. I got this response…

Tracie: Day 1- I’m willing to let you change to a different food so you can survive the month.

Lindsay: I agree. Change the food. Avocados are so bad. (Sorry Tray Bay)

Angie: Total permission. Avocados are like eating baby poop.

Lindsay: Fact.

Tracie: What?! I eat them with a spoon. So good.

Erin: I like avocados but only in combination with other things. And based on my experience yesterday, baby poop smells a lot worse than avocados. 🙂

I love my friends.

Erin: What is the new replacement item going to be? I vote for cheese.

Tracie: Almonds for everyone! (One of her 7 foods is almonds)

Lindsay: cheese baby!!!!!

Ha. Couldn’t live without them.

So what is my pick? After one meal I officially changed my food item choice of avocado to almonds. Reasoning? I need something else to eat on the go. And a different texture. Or my teeth will forget how to chew something crunchy.

So long avocados!! Neither my tastebuds, nor my stomach, will miss you. Maybe I will continue to try and like you when I’m not eating plain 7 foods.

Lindsay: Who picks a nut over cheese??