Monthly Archives: March 2015

They’re Just Not That Into You…

After a month wearing the same dress every day, with 7 accessory articles of clothing, this is what I’ve discovered: people just aren’t that into me. ☺️ 

I wore the same dull gray dress for 28 days straight, and not one person, who wasn’t already aware of this month’s fast, noticed. And even some people who knew about one dress February, forgot until it came up in conversation! I think as a woman especially, I spend a lot of time each day deciding how to adorn myself with just the right outfit and accessories, because I think the whole world is walking around thinking about me, or at least noticing what I look like when I breeze past them. There are times when I become obsessed with how others are viewing me. That obsession, combined with comparison, produces my self conscientiousness.

 After a month of one dress, it’s almost laughable that I would let how others view me, control the way I view myself. We humans are plagued with the sin of thinking more about ourselves then anyone else. And then we let our minds become contorted and distracted by that sin and self consciousness is birthed. One dress February is breaking me free from self consciousness and the traps that come with it. A friend once told me “I want to wake up each morning, and dress for me.” And that’s what I will be embracing too. Within appropriate reason and modesty of course, I will choose my outfit based on what I would like to wear, not what I think others would like me to wear. 

Aside from those realizations, it got me thinking….if people aren’t that concerned with what I’m wearing, is it necessary for me to have this many clothes? How much money do I spend on clothes that I don’t truly need? Don’t get me wrong, I still looooooove clothes. I love how choosing an outfit each day is like making a piece of art. It’s a way to express creativity and to feel outwardly beautiful as I pull on a pair of jeans that make me feel confident. But what I’m talking about is the fact that I have an exorbitant amount of clothes hanging in my closet. 128 articles to be precise. And that’s not including my piles of shoes, boxes of accessories, two baskets full of laundry, and 3, yes I said 3 dressers brimming with more clothes, or the bins I keep in the basement with my spring/summer clothes!

I. Am. Rich. 

And then it gets me is thinking about my kiddo Albert who lives in Mukono Africa who maybe has two or three changes of clothes….the homeless who I have no idea how, survived this bitter cold winter. There are many many people who has significantly less that I do, and yet I li my “American Dream,” lifestyle of comfort. 

So right now I ask myself, what do I do with all this? Do I feel God calling me to sell everything I have and live a homeless lifestyle? No. But how could this heart change I’m experiencing, change the lifestyle I do live? What if I bought one less shirt a month and used the money for something that matters eternally, like sponsoring a second child in Mukono? What if I went through my clothes and shoes and pulled out some of the nice things (I don’t want to just give the poor my junk) and gave them to someone who actually needed them for more than just “another cute outfit?” Good thing April is just around the corner…….☺️

I think small changes can make a big difference. And that’s what I intend to do. God has started with my heart, and He is working His way to my actions and choices. What if when Jesus called us to die to ourselves, He really meant it? What if He really wants us to live a life where we give, not only our things, but our lives away? And not just for the sake of giving life away, but to invest in the work of Jesus; work that makes an eternal difference. Could something as small as one less shirt a month do just that?

A journey of less, in order to experience more of Jesus. Join me?